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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Articles and Presentations

Success Factors in National to Global Transition

On Tuesday, May 2, Dean West President of Association Laboratory and Joe Bates, Research Director for the Global Business Travel Association will address the ASAE International Conference in Washington, DC. They will present a case study on success factors experienced by GBTA during their transition from the National Business Travel Association to the Global Business Travel Association specifically the impact on a critical association program, the Hotel RFP business standard.

While the presentation will address attendees in more depth, the following is a quick preview of key lessons.

Global Relevance Not Always Determined by Geography

GBTA members had global concerns that were unrelated to where they lived. If you’re members’ problems are global then your association is global.

  • Understand where international boundaries matter and where they don’t
  • Understand where business cultural difference matter and where they don’t
  • Understand where market structure matters and where it doesn’t
  • International is not the same as global

Leadership Matters

GBTA recruited and supported outstanding volunteer leaders who had a global mindset and were committed to a global reach.

  • All leaders treated equally – no “us and them” when it comes to US-based vs. other countries
  • Leaders committed to global in word and in deed
  • Diverse selection of participants with global adoption as goal
  • Orient leaders to their roles & responsibilities throughout process
  • Staff and consultants committed to global in word and in deed

Process Matters

The process for applying a global mindset to the implementation of a critical program must embrace the global mindset.

  • You must incorporate global perspectives into discussions
  • You must be methodical and deliberative because global activity is naturally slower
  • The process must be fact-based and data-driven to avoid confusion and create consensus
  • Visible global activity and outreach improves acceptance and adoption
  • Organizations must practice being global – you need to consciously rethink business process and the relevant skills set

Research Matters

Research is an essential tool to build consensus and help leaders understand the size, scope and nature of their shared challenges or opportunities.

  • Facts help communication and to build consensus among staff and volunteers
  • Research acts as an outreach tool to incorporate global stakeholder groups
  • Research focuses efforts and helps prioritize resources – you can do anything you want just not everything you want
  • Research demonstrates commitment of association to previously unengaged stakeholders

Hope to see everyone next Tuesday. For more information on the global research and management consulting capabilities of Association Laboratory contact us at or call 312.466.5702.

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